Weak Two Bids (Grant)
2 club openings (Billy Miller)
Hand Evaluation (Kantar)
2 level overcalls (Bergen)
Opener's Rebids (Helms)
After openers 1 level response (Kantar)
Opening the Bidding (Helms)
Hand Evaluation (Gerald Fox)
Competitive bidding (Bergen)
2 Club Opening (Walker)
Bidding Quiz (Grant)
Hand Evaluation NT (Kleinman)
Reverses (Harrington)
Reverses (Kantar)
Taking a preference (Harrington)
The Law of Total Tricks (Blubaugh)
Responding to Pre-Empts (Bergen)
The rule of 20 (Bergen)
Weak twos (Kantar)
Pre-empts (Kantar)
Pre-empts for fun and profit (Bergen)
After opener reverses (Kantar)
Competitive Bidding
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Off the hook (Harrington)
A Different approach to Unusual
Bidding after a takeout double (Bergen)
After a takeout double (Bergen)
Competitive auctions (Bergen)
Balancing (Bergen)
Competitive Judgement (Stewart)
Balancing Quiz (Bergen)
Balancing (Pat Harriington)
2 level overcalls (Bergen)
Balancing (Lawrence)
Competing safely (Miles)
Doubling then bidding your own suit (Lawrence)
Introduction to Negative Doubles (Bergen)
Modern uses of the Cue Bid (Kantar)
Negaticve Doubles (Bergen)
Negative Doubles (Grant)
Defending against pre-empts (Lawrence)
Negative Doubles for Experienced players (Bergen)
Off-shape doubles (Bergen)
Defending against 2 suited overcalls (Walker)
All kinds of doubles (Lawrence)
Overcall or Double (Kantar)
Overcalls (Lawrence)
Penalty Doubles (Stewart)
Trap Pass (Bergen)
Responding to a takeout double (Helms)
Responsive doubles (Bergen)
The Overcall (Helms)
The Overcall (Grant)
Penalty Doubles (Miles)
Support doubles (Bergen)
Was that a penalty Double (Walker)
Responding to an overcall (Kantar)
Inverted Minor Raises
4th Suit Forcing (Kantar)
New Minor Forcing (Bart Yohn)
Responder's Rebids (Kantar)